Transfer Data via LAN to the Cloud

Use Wireless or Wired LAN for Automatic Data Collection and Warning Monitoring. Make Settings from Smartphone/Tablet via Bluetooth or Browser.


RTR500B Series
Optical, Short Range Wireless
Data Transfer Wired LAN / Wireless LAN
Unit - PC USB



The RTR500B series allows you to mix and match an array of wireless radio communication loggers with various data collectors to meet your needs.

The RTR500BW is a data collector for use with wired or wireless LAN. It collects data from nearby data loggers via wireless radio communication and automatically sends data via LAN to the free cloud storage service "T&D WebStorage Service" for anytime anywhere access. If you prefer local storage, a free Windows application "T&D Data Server" is also available.

The RTR500BW also has a warning monitoring function that sends a warning e-mail via T&D WebStorage Service or T&D Data Server when a set limit has been exceeded. As long as there is a LAN environment the RTR500BW will do the data management work for you.

Communication via proxy is not supported.

Note: The RTR500B series is the new generation model of our RTR-500 series.

Compatibility Info for RTR500B and RTR-500 Series
RTR-500 Series Discontinued Models

Special Features


The RTR500BW can be combined with any of our RTR500B/RTR-500 series wireless data loggers. And up to 50 loggers can be registered for simultaneous use.

Device registration, recording settings, and network settings can be carried out using the PC software “RTR500BW for Windows” or the mobile app "T&D 500B Utility".

After connecting to a network via wired or wireless LAN, you can automatically send data and warning notifications to the cloud-based "T&D WebStorage Service" which makes it easy to check data, display graphs, and check warnings from your PC, smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

If you prefer, you can set up a PC as a data destination by installing our "T&D Data Server" software. Functions such as saving received recorded data, monitoring and graph display with a web browser, and warning mail transmission are available even in environments where you cannot use the cloud service.


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