Compatibility Info for RTR500B and RTR-500 Series

The new RTR500B series with Bluetooth technology is the next-generation model of our RTR-500 series. T&D will continue to sell RTR-574, RTR-576, RTR-500DC and RTR-500MBS-A. (A new-generation model for RTR-500MBS-A will be made available for sale in 2021.)
All types of Base and Remote Units are compatible and can be used in any combination.
Note however there are some restrictions to compatibility between some models.
Please see details below before purchasing and using.

Product info for the RTR-500 Series can be found here.

Compatibility Chart for RTR500B and RTR-500 Series

  Base Unit
Remote Units *1
Update Software & Firmware Update Software Update Software & Firmware Update Software & Firmware
Remote Units *2
No Bluetooth No Bluetooth No Bluetooth
RTR500BC Repeater Update Software Update Software Update Software Update Software
RTR-500 Repeater

*1:RTR500B Series Remote Units: RTR501B/502B/503B/505B/507B (L type included)
*2:RTR-500 Series Remote Units: RTR-501/502/503/505/507S/574/576 (L and S types included)

How to update for use with RTR500B Series

To use a Base Unit from the RTR-500 Series, it is necessary to update the software and/or the firmware.
If necessary, download the latest version of the software.

Changes in New Models

The following details differences between RTR500BW and RTR-500NW/AW models.
※ If RTR500BC is being used as a Base Unit, there are no changes.

Features and Functions included in RTR500BW

Smartphone Compatibility

Settings for the RTR500B series can be made via Bluetooth and our smartphone app.
Monitoring and settings change can be made remotely via internet connection to T&D WebStorage Service.
First release is for iOS only. An Android version will be made available in 2021.

Additional WLAN Compatibility

IEEE 802.11a (5GHz) has been added.

HTTPS Compatibility

Security has been improved with the addition of encrypted communication capability.
Communication via proxy is not supported.

Power Supply via LAN Cable

By using a PoE (IEEE802.3af) compatible hub, both communication and power supply can be done with one LAN cable.

Repeater Communication Time Shortened

When RTR500BC is being used as a Repeater, compression technology has allowed us to shorten communication time by about 40% compared to previous models.

Auto Wireless Route Settings

For RTR-500NW/AW it was necessary to make wireless route settings for communication between Base Units, Repeaters and Remote Units before deploying them. The RTR500B Series makes it possible to deploy the devices and automatically set the most suitable route for wireless communication.

Number of Possible Remote Unit Registrations and Repeater Groups

With RTR-500NW/AW, in each Base Unit it was possible to register up to 100 Remote Units and have a max of 10 Repeaters in up to 10 Groups. With RTR500BW it is possible to register up to 50 Remote Units and have a max of 10 Repeaters in up to 4 Groups.

Features NOT included in RTR500BW

SMTP Client Function

Warning report mail can now only be sent via T&D’s cloud server. Up to four recipient addresses can be registered to each T&D WebStrorage Service account.
It is no longer possible to set email addresses for each Base Unit.

External Input Terminal

The notification function using the alarm contact output from other devices can no longer be used.

Intranet Monitoring Software “Current Readings Monitor” Compatibility

RTR500BW is not compatible with the Windows Software “Current Readings Monitor”. Instead, the software “T&D Data Server” will be updated to be compatible with RTR500B Series.

Other Software Changes

・"Temperature / Humidity Graph" and "Multi-Scale Graph" have been changed to "T&D Graph".
・"Data Downloading Tools" has been changed to "T&D Tools".
・“Radio Signal Check Tool (RTR-500)” cannot be used.

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