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Please use this Web site according to the following terms. If you read, use or download the content of this website, you shall be deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use.


The copyright of the content such as documents, photos and illustrations published on this Website are, unless otherwise stated, the sole property of T&D Corporation.

Conditions for Use

Except when used within the scope defined by the Copyright Act (such as "Replication for Private Use" and "Citation"), copying, reprinting, editing, distribution, sales of and/or modifying content posted on this Website without explicit written permission is forbidden. Moreover, when individual terms of use are defined for any contents, those terms of use take precedence over any terms and conditions defined here within.


T&D does not in any way guarantee the contents of this Website. In addition, please note that the content on this Website may be changed or discontinued without prior notice. The names of companies, organizations, and departments listed in the contents on this Website may be based on information at the time the content was posted and may not be updated. T&D is not responsible in any way whatsoever for any damages caused by access to or usage of this Website, nor damages incurred by any modification(s) to or abolition of the content in this Website.


All registered trademarks, company names, product names and logos mentioned herein or for products being used are the properties of T&D Corporation or of their respective owners.

About Links

T&D takes no responsibility for any website content which has been linked to from this Website to any other website which is not directly operated or expressly commissioned by T&D. T&D offers no guarantees concerning these web sites nor does T&D assume any responsibility for them or their content.

About Cookies and web Beacons

In order to improve user convenience, our web based services including this website may use cookies and web beacons.
For more information, please see terms outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdictional Court

Usage of this website and interpretation of this Agreement, unless otherwise specified, are intended to comply with applicable laws and regulations of Japan. Any and all conflicts which occur in connection with the usage of this website shall be first brought before the Nagano District Court as the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court.

T&D Corporation may revise the above terms and conditions to follow the amendment of laws, rules, and guidelines on the handling of personal information or as needed with changes in the social environment.

Last Updated On : July 19, 2019
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