Wireless Expands the Possibilities of Data Management

Wireless Communication Logging System for Variety of Measurements

RTR500B Series


The RTR500B series consists of data loggers (Remote Units) designed to measure and record a wide variety of physical data and a range of base stations (Base Units) to enable wireless collection of recorded data.

Automated data collection, monitoring and transmission of warning events is performed by using a robust wireless communications protocol which can operate in a wide range of environments.

The lineup of Remote Units includes data loggers for temperature, humidity, voltage, 4-20mA, pulse, illuminance, UV, and CO2 concentration. The Base Unit selection includes RTR500BW for uploading collected data to cloud or server via WLAN/wired LAN, RTR500BC for sending data to PC with a direct USB connection, RTR500BM for transmitting data via mobile network, and the portable type RTR-500DC.

Note: The RTR500B series is the new generation model of our RTR-500 series.

Compatibility Info for RTR500B and RTR-500 Series
RTR-500 Series Discontinued Models


  • Wireless Data Collection
  • Automatic Data Upload
  • Warning Monitoring Function
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