Access Wide Range Temperature Data Anytime from Anywhere

Ultimate 2-channel thermocouple logger connectible via wireless LAN, Bluetooth and USB. Ideal for ultra low temperature vaccine monitoring!


TR7 Series
Channels Temperature 2ch, Thermocouple: Type K, J, T, E, S, R (sensor not provided)
Range -199~1760°C
Wireless LAN, USB, Bluetooth 4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy)



The TR75A is a temperature logger with two thermocouple (K, J, T, E, S, R) sensor connections. It is capable of measuring temperatures ranging from -199 to 1760°C, and can be used in very high temperatures such as in a plant furnace or in deep freezers where temperatures reach very low levels.

Functional buttons on the device allow you to make settings and start/stop recording. Use the wireless LAN feature to auto-upload data to the cloud for anytime anywhere access and get warning notices. Bluetooth communication allows you to view data, create reports and make settings from a smartphone or tablet. Connect to a PC with a USB cable to download recorded data, create reports and make setting changes.

The software application used with the TR75A has a "Vaccine Mode", which meets or exceeds CDC requirements for VFC, and is suitable for monitoring and recording vaccine temperatures. TR75A is useful not only in pharmaceutical and medical reseach labs, hospitals, but also in factories and other facilities.

Note: We do not handle the sale of Thermocouple sensors.

Special Features


The TR75A uses a wireless LAN access point to auto-upload recorded data and warning notifications to our free cloud-based “T&D WebStorage Service” or your Windows PC running the "T&D Data Server" software. Use our mobile app “T&D Thermo” to check data from your smartphone or tablet and use Bluetooth communication to make settings, download recorded data, and create reports. To make settings from and download data via USB to a PC, use our Windows software “TR7 for Windows”. Our Windows software “T&D Graph” makes it easy to view and analyze data from your PC.


Software & Apps

  • TR7 for Windows

    Settings / Data Download

    For Windows Available for Free
  • T&D Graph

    Graph and Data Management

    For Windows Available for Free
  • T&D Thermo

    Settings / Download / Graph

    For Mobile Devices Available for Free
  • T&D Data Server


    Server App for Windows Available for Free

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