Wireless Radio PC Base Station / Repeater

Wireless Base Station with Direct USB Connection to PC, also can be used as a Repeater. Compatible with Warning Monitoring


RTR500B Series
Optical, Short Range Wireless
Data Transfer USB
Unit - PC USB, Serial



The RTR500B series allows you to mix and match an array of wireless radio communication loggers with various data collectors to meet your needs.

The RTR500BC is a USB data collector that can be directly connected to a PC for data transfer and management via our Windows software. It can also act as a repeater to extend the wireless radio communication range between loggers and base stations.

Note: The RTR500B series is the new generation model of our RTR-500 series.

Compatibility Info for RTR500B and RTR-500 Series
RTR-500 Series Discontinued Models

Special Features


The RTR500BC can be combined with any of our RTR500B/RTR-500 series data loggers. This data collector is designed as a base station for constant USB connection to a PC. Use our software “RTR500BC for Windows” to monitor current readings as they are received from loggers and send warning e-mails.

The received data can be sent to the free cloud storage service "T&D WebStorage Service", which makes it easy to check data, view graphs, and check warnings from your PC, smartphone or tablet.

The RTR500BC can also be used as a Repeater with RTR500B/RTR-500 series devices. By placing a Repeater (RTR500BC) between a Base and Remote Unit, you can extend the wireless communication range.


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