Large Capacity Connectible 4-Channel Loggers for Voltage

Voltage loggers with 4 channels on a single unit. Connecting loggers makes it possible to simultaneously measure and record up to 16 channels.


MCR Series
Channels Voltage 4ch (Sensor not provided)
Range ±300mV to ±24V, AUTO



MCR series loggers are 4-channel battery operated loggers. The MCR-4V is a voltage logger which can measure up to 24V.

With multi channels and a large internal memory (up to 480,000 readings per unit), the MCR-4V is perfect for measuring voltage and current signals at various spots for long periods of time. Moreover, by using an SD card and the "Auto Data Export" feature recording can be carried out, even when using short recording intervals, over longer extended periods of time.

Auto Data Export to SD Memory Card

Special Features


MCR-4V loggers can operate on battery or USB power. Data can be checked on site from the loggers LCD trend graph. Data downloaded to your PC can be viewed and analyzed with our Windows compatible software “T&D Graph”. It is possible to connect up to four loggers, including our MCR-4TC temperature data loggers, allowing for up to 16 channels of data. This coupled with the fact that the loggers are equipped with an SD memory card slot means they are perfect for use in various experiments with large quantities of data and for tracking frequent changes in voltage and current.


Software & Apps

  • MCR for Windows

    Settings / Data Download

    For Windows Available for Free
  • T&D Graph

    Graph and Data Management

    For Windows Available for Free

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