Notice of Change in the MCR-4V, MCR-4TC, AIM-3010, VIM-3010 Input Module Terminal Colors

Products Aug 10, 2023

There will be a change in the button colors of the input module terminals used in these products.
Please refer to the details below.
Note: There is no change in the function.

Affected Products / Input Modules

  • MCR-4V (4ch Voltage Data Logger)
  • MCR-4TC (4ch Thermocouple Data Logger)
  • VIM-3010 (Voltage Input Module for RTR505B/TR-55i)
  • AIM-3010 (4-20mA Input Module for RTR505B/TR-55i)

Details of Change

Model Name Before Change After Change
MCR-4V news images news images
MCR-4TC news images news images
VIM-3010 news images news images
AIM-3010 news images news images

Schedule of Change

From shipments in September, 2023

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