USB Connectible CO2 Logger

For Measuring Temperature, Humidity and CO2 up to 9,999 ppm


TR-7Ui Series
Channels CO2 Concentration, Temperature, Humidity
Range CO2: 0 to 9999ppm
Temperature: 0 to 55°C
Humidity: 10 to 95%RH
USB, Serial



The TR-7Ui series, with a simple USB connection to your PC, provides an easy way to make detailed settings and download data. Basic settings and REC start/stop can also be done by simply pressing buttons on the units themselves.

TR-76Ui is a three-channel data logger designed to measure and record CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity. The CO2 warning notification feature helps provide a standard for timing ventilation in classrooms and buildings.

Special Features


Simply place the TR-76Ui at the measurement site after starting recording. Recorded data can then be downloaded by connecting the logger to a PC with a USB cable and using our Windows software “CO2 Recorder for Windows”. Data downloaded to your PC can then be viewed and analyzed with our Windows compatible software “T&D Graph”. By connecting a logger to your PC, it is also possible to monitor current readings using our Windows software. External devices such as buzzers and lights can also be connected to provide instant on-site notification.


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