TR71A/72A Firmware Update Tool (Ver. 1.19)

Apps/Software/Firmware Oct 16, 2023

An update program for "TR71A/72A Firmware Update Tool" has been released.
For customers using the product below, please download and install the following update program.

Affected Product / Firmware Version

TR71A/72A/72A-S / Versions 1.18 or lower

Update Details

  • Some operations of the battery level warning have been revised.
    - Revised battery warning recovery criteria to avoid sending low battery warnings repeatedly.
    - Changed the state of battery warning sent when a low battery recovery has occurred from 1 (normal) to 81 (recovery to normal).
    - Changed the specifications for sending any untransmitted battery warnings when low battery recovery has occurred.
  • Added functionality to send the state of Warning Lifted (state:82) when the warning settings have been changed, the recording has been started, or the device has been reset while in a warning state.
  • Functionality was added whereby if upon recovery from a sensor error, an upper/lower limit warning is still active, the status (state:83) will be sent.
  • When sending data via a proxy server, the connection is now made using a host name instead of an IP address. (White list compatible)
  • Previously command processing was aborted when the response from an HTTP server was R=0 (command rejected). Processing has now been modified so that a request is issued for the command specified by the flag contained in the response.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when the auto-upload interval was set to 24 hours, where recorded data was being sent every 5 hours and 50 minutes.
  • The measured values displayed in warning e-mails have been changed from the “instantaneous values” at the time of warning judgment to the “max/min values” during the specified judgment time.
  • Sensor error information was added to Bluetooth advertisement packets.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when resending multiple warning data after transmission failures (due to low battery, etc.), where the battery status at the time of successful transmission was reported instead of the battery status at the time of the warning.

Important Notes for Using TR71A/72A with T&D Data Server

Please make sure to also update the T&D Data Server to the latest version (2.35 or later, available from here).
If you use the TR71A or TR72A firmware Ver.1.19 with T&D Data Server Ver. 2.30 - 2.34, and a warning has occurred, an error will appear in the T&D Data Server log monitor due to TR71A/72A specification changes.

Checking Your Product's Firmware Version

T&D WebStorage Service

  1. From the [Devices] menu, open the settings window by clicking the [Settings] button for the desired device.
  2. Read off the "Firmware" version next to the "Serial Number" located at the top of the window.


  1. Open T&D software "TR7 for Windows" and connect your device via USB to the computer.
  2. Read off the "Firmware Version" value located at the lower left on the screen.

Mobile Device

  1. Open the "T&D Thermo" app and select the target device in the list.
  2. Tap on [Bluetooth] in the task bar.
  3. Go to [Settings Table] and read off the "Firmware Version" value.

Go to download page for TR71A/72A Firmware Update Tool

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