RTR500BM Firmware Update Tool (Ver. 1.00.08)

Apps/Software/Firmware Sep 12, 2022

An update program for "RTR500BM Firmware Update Tool" has been released.
For customers using the product below, please download and install the following update program.

Affected Product / Firmware Version

RTR500BM / Versions 1.00.07 or lower

Update Details

  • The operating time with batteries only is now about two days. Please see here for details.
  • Fixed an issue where device settings were erased if the operation is continued while battery voltage is low.
    *Note: The device settings that have been erased will not be restored even if the firmware is updated. If you are concerned, please check the settings directly.
  • Fixed a problem where wireless communication error could continue to occur when internal communication between components failed.
  • Fixed a problem where the date/time information included in the Current Readings data could be incorrect.

Download RTR500BM Firmware Update Tool

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