RTR500BM Firmware Update Tool

Software for updating the RTR500BM firmware.


Software for updating the RTR500BM firmware.

Compatible Products RTR500BM
Version Ver. 1.00.10 (November 16, 2023)
File Name app-rtr500bm-firm-10010-all.exe
File Size8.12 MB
Operating Environment Compatible OS *1
Microsoft Windows 11 64bit English
Microsoft Windows 10 32/64bit English
Copyright T&D Corporation
Replication Copying to another media is expressly forbidden
*1: For installation, it is necessary to have Administrator (Computer Administrator) rights.

Important Note

Please also update your RTR500BM for Windows if it is not the latest version.

Firmware Update Procedure

  1. Using a USB cable, connect the RTR500BM to the PC in which "RTR500BM Firmware Update Tool" will be executed.
  2. Execute the downloaded "RTR500BM Firmware Update Tool".
  3. Please follow the instructions on the screen to update the Firmware.
  • Note that "RTR500BM Firmware Update Tool" cannot be executed via network. In order to update the Firmware, the RTR500BM needs to be connected to a PC with a USB cable so that the PC can execute the program. Before connecting a USB cable, make sure that the PC has the USB device driver installed.

Revision History

Ver. 1.00.10November 16, 2023

  • Fixed a problem in which FTP/HTTP(S) communication was not resumed even after signal conditions improved when a communication error occurred due to cellular network connection failure with the GPS function turned on.
  • Added a function to the update tool to display a message prompting the user to check the settings which may be causing unnecessary data communication.

Ver. 1.00.09July 6, 2023

  • Revised battery warning recovery criteria to avoid sending low battery warnings repeatedly. (Added on July 11, 2023)
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when sending Current Readings of RTR-576 to the server, where an abnormal value was displayed when the CO2 measurement had a negative value. (e.g. "-6 ppm" displayed as "4294967290 ppm")
  • Fixed a problem that occurred in Recorded Data transmission where the difference from the previous transmission might not be sent as expected in the following cases.
    - When the settings are changed using the T&D 500B Utility App.
    - When the device is reset to recover from an error.
  • Fixed a problem in which the ALM LED (blinking) on the device and contact output did not turn off even after resolving a warning condition when the warning transmission was set to OFF.
  • When the setting data is corrupted due to power failure during writing the setting data, the data is now automatically restored from the backed-up data.
  • Fixed an issue where data transmission did not start when connecting to a private network.
  • Fixed a problem where incorrect measurement data could be included in the transmitted recorded data.
  • Reduced the frequency of transmission of Base Unit log data to reduce the processing load of the WebStorage server. (The minimum number of log data entries to be sent is now 10 instead of 1.)
  • HTTP(S) requests are now accepted even when the header names used in HTTP(S) communication are all in lowercase.
  • Removed the dummy Remote Unit information from test data for transmission of Current Readings to the server.

Ver. 1.00.08September 12, 2022

  • The operating time with batteries only is now about two days. Please see here for details.
  • Fixed an issue where device settings were erased if the operation is continued while battery voltage is low.
    *Note: The device settings that have been erased will not be restored even if the firmware is updated. If you are concerned, please check the settings directly.
  • Fixed a problem where wireless communication error could continue to occur when internal communication between components failed.
  • Fixed a problem where the date/time information included in the Current Readings data could be incorrect.

Ver. 1.00.07June 21, 2022

  • Changed the default setting of the Recorded Data Transmission Schedule from Every Day 6:00 to Every Day at an hour determined by the time of first communication between the Base Unit and the mobile or Windows app.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused a transmission error when the size of recorded data collected via a Repeater is large.
  • Fixed a problem in which the ALM LED (blinking) on the device did not turn off even after resolving a low battery alarm condition.

Ver. 1.00.06 March 04, 2022

  • Added a function to send SMS notification when a warning occurs.
  • Added a function to discard corrupted monitoring data when it is received.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when performing a warning transmission test without batteries or external power supply, where a success message was displayed even though it failed.
  • Fixed a problem in which the status code indicating an error was sometimes wrong in the command response when the transmission test failed.
  • Changed some log messages as shown below. (before → after)
    Event Log: Download → Rec Data Transmission
    Event Log: Monitor → Current Readings Transmission
    Event Log: Warning → Warning Monitoring
    FTP Not Create → FTP Not Connected
  • Fixed a problem where removing the USB cable during USB communication with a PC could cause the next communication to fail.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the current readings transmission test (EMONS command) via HTTP server to fail.

User Agreement


  1. Although T&D Corporation has carried out operational tests on RTR500BM Firmware Update Tool, hereafter referred to as "the software", we cannot guarantee that all operations will work properly under all conditions.
  2. T&D Corporation shall not accept any responsibility for any damage whether direct or indirect that results from the usage of the software.
  3. Specifications of the software may be subject to change and service may be terminated without advance notice to the user. In such a case T&D Corporation shall not be responsible for any damages whether direct or indirect from the inability to use the software.
  4. T&D Corporation has no obligation to correct any defects found in the software.


  1. All copyrights for the software, including all of the programs and all related documents, are the sole property of T&D Corporation.
  2. The software is for use free of charge. Redistribution is permitted as long as it is to others for non-profit. In this case, all terms and conditions as written in the above disclaimers automatically transfer and hold true and valid for the party to which the program was redistributed. Please note that if you wish to commercially redistribute the program please contact your local distributor or T&D representative.
  3. The reprinting or redistribution for commercial purposes whether in part or in whole, in magazines or as a part of any product is strictly forbidden without the expressed consent of T&D Corporation. Any inquiries concerning commercial redistribution should be directed to the Sales Department of T&D Corporation.
  4. Please do not attempt to make any changes or modifications to the software.
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