About RTR500BM Incorrect Battery Life (Updated: Sep 12, 2022)

Products Sep 01, 2022

We have found that our catalogs and product specification sheets indicate a longer battery time for the RTR500BM than actual when it is operated on battery power alone.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and would like to make the following correction.

  • [Affected Product]
    RTR500BM: Firmware Versions 1.00.04 or later
  • [Battery Life Correction]
    Incorrect) About 3 days → Correct) About 30 hours

We plan to optimize the operating voltage and release firmware with specifications that increase the operating time to 2 days.

We will inform you when the firmware update is available.

Update on Sep 12, 2022

New firmware (Ver.1.00.08) has been released. Please update your device's firmware from here.

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