T&D WebStorage Service


T&D WebStorage Service is a free cloud-based storage service provided by T&D Corporation. It makes it possible to manage data loggers, monitor current readings and warning status, and download recorded data collectively.

T&D WebStorage Service


This section explains how to use T&D WebStorage Service with the RTR500B Series Base Unit.

User Registration and Login

If you already have your User ID, the registration process is not necessary.


The user ID cannot be reissued so please keep it in a safe place. If you lose your user ID, you will not be able to use the data stored in the T&D WebStorage Service.

  1. Access T&D WebStorage Service from a web browser of a computer or mobile device.

  2. Click [Get a User ID] to go to the registration page, and enter the email address and password.

  3. Please read the Service License Agreement and Privacy Policy then check [I agree...]. Click [Submit] to confirm the submission.

  4. A confirmation email will be sent to the address you entered. Click the link in the email to verify your address and complete the registration process.

  5. Enter the User ID provided in the registration completion notification email to log in to the T&D WebStorage Service.


If you forget your password, you can get a new one reissued by clicking the [Forgotten your Password?] link in the Log In page.

Device Settings

For RTR500BW:


Device registration is required for the RTR500BW. If the Base Unit is an RTR500BC, the registration process is not necessary as it is automatically registered to T&D WebStorage Service after data has been uploaded.

  1. Go to the [Devices] menu and click the [+ Device] button. It will take you to the Add a Device page.

  2. Enter the serial number and registration code for the Base Unit, then click [Add]. If you plan to use more than one RTR500BW Base Unit, you need to repeat this process for each unit.
    (If you don't know the registration code, see: [RTR500B Series FAQs]-[General Questions]-[Q. Where can I check the Registration Code for my RTR500BW?] in this Help.)

By registering an RTR500BW, its Remote Units will be automatically registered and will appear when you go back to the [Devices] menu page as shown below.

Device Settings for RTR500B Series
[+ Device] Button

Click to register a new device to your account.

[Get Log]

Click to output the log of the RTR500BW as a CSV file.
You can check about two weeks worth of log entries from the time data is received from the Base Unit.

[Settings] Button (Base Unit)

Click to view the current settings of the Base Unit and date/time the settings were received.
Below the settings info area, you will see and can make the Warning Mail Transmission Settings.
(About this settings see: [Alert View]-[Warning Mail Settings])

[Settings] Button (Remote Unit)

Click to view the current settings of the Remote Units that have been registered to the Base Unit.

The [Reset Data] button at the top right of the window will remove graph data and warning data.

  • The device settings and recorded data files will not be removed.
Remove (Trash icon)

Click to remove from your T&D WebStorage Service account.

  • This will also remove data of all registered Remote Units.

For RTR500BC:

By uploading data to T&D WebStorage Service from an RTR500BC, the Base Unit and each of the Remote Units will be automatically registered and will appear as shown below.

Device Settings for RTR500BC (RTR-500 Series Area)

Click the [Settings] button to view the Remote Unit Info and make Alert Settings.

Reset Data

The [Reset Data] button at the top right of the window will remove graph data and warning data.

  • The device settings and recorded data files will not be removed.
Alert Settings

You can set the upper/lower limits for monitoring on the T&D WebStorage Service.

  • This will not change the "warning monitoring" settings made in the Remote Unit Settings.

Watchdog Settings

The Watchdog function is for detecting devices with which communication has not been occurring.
It monitors the communication status of target devices, and when any of them are out of communication for the set time period, a watchdog alert will be issued and an email notification will be sent. To make settings, select the device and set the timeout period to be monitored, and click [Apply].

Data View

Current readings data sent from Base Units to T&D WebStorage Service can be viewed from the [Data View] menu.
In the "Registered Devices", you can view data of all registered devices. The "Cluster View" allows you to mix registered devices into viewing groups according to your needs such as by place or purpose.

RTR500B Series Data List (Registered Devices Tab)
Base Unit Name

Base Unit Name set via the mobile app or the Windows software Group Name (RTR500BW)

Group Name (View Group)

Group Name (View Group) set in the mobile app or Windows software.
(See: [T&D 500B Utility Mobile App]-[Registered Devices]-[Remote Unit Settings/Repeater Settings] or [RTR500BW for Windows]-[View Group Settings] in this Help)

Remote Unit

Remote Unit Name set via the mobile app or the Windows software.

Battery / Signal Icon

Battery level and wireless signal strength of the Remote Unit.

  • You can receive a warning notification when the battery level is low () and/or the communication error occurs (no signal ) by making warning mail transmission settings.
    (See: Warning Mail Settings)
Measurement / Updated

Updated data and error messages.


Click the icon () to open the graph window. Up to the latest 15,000 data readings can be displayed in a graph.

  • It is possible to compare the data of multiple Remote Units in one graph by checking two or more boxes on the left and then clicking [View Graph].
[Clock Display Settings] Button

Click to open the settings window where you can set the date format and daylight saving time display.

  • When setting [Display using Daylight Savings Time info?] to Yes, you also need to turn on the daylight savings time setting for the Base Unit's Clock Settings. Make clock settings for the Base Unit from the mobile app or Windows software.

The Watch List in the [ Dashboard] allows you to check data instantly every time you open the T&D WebStorage Service. You can add up to six devices to the list and view the most recent measurements as well as click the device name to open the graph window.

Graph Operations

  • Hover your cursor over the graph to see the measurement value(s) and date and time of the data sample.
  • Click and drag on the graph to zoom in on a specified time range. You can move the displayed period with the horizontal scroll bar.
  • Select a button beside "Zoom" to zoom in on a specific fixed period. You can move the displayed period with the horizontal scroll bar.
  • Open the menu on the upper right corner for printing graphs and downloading current readings data in various file formats.
Zoom / Scroll Bar
Print / Download Menu

The current readings sent from RTR500BW includes the most recently recorded data. More detailed information can be found in the following section in this Help.
(See: [RTR500BW for Windows]-[Details of Operations]-[About Sending Current Readings])

Reset Graph Data

You can reset the graph data for each Remote Unit.

  1. Open the [Devices] menu and click the [Settings] button for the target Remote Unit.

  2. Click the [Reset Data] button at the top right of the Remote Unit Info.

  • The data storage period varies depending on the recording interval set for the Remote Unit. For details about the service and terms of use, please read T&D WebStorage Service Details.
  • The current readings data sent to T&D WebStorage Service can be retrieved directly from your system by using our open APIs. For details see the T&D WebStorage Service API.

Alert View

The devices in alert status, alert log and watchdog alerts can be viewed from the [Alert View] menu.
About the watchdog function, please refer to Watchdog Settings.

Warning Mail Settings (RTR500BW)

For warning information received from the RTR500BW, you can select categories to be sent in warning emails.

Go to [Devices] menu - RTR500B series, and click [Settings] of the RTR500BW to open the settings information. In the [Warning Mail Transmission Settings], select ON or OFF for each category.

The warning email recipient addresses can be added up to three (except for the email address registered to your user account).

  1. To add the recipient address, go to the [Account] menu - [Set Warning Recipients] to open the setting window.

  2. Enter the E-mail Address and click the [Add] button.

  3. You can change or remove the address in the [Registered Warning Mail Recipient List].

Warning Status Report

Warning notifications via email from T&D WebStorage Service include the following:

Title / Sender / Recipient / Reception Time

The sender address of warning emails sent by T&D WebStorage Service has the domain name webstorage-service.com.
Please set your mail software (or mail server) to receive emails from this domain.
The title includes the Base Unit Name.

Transmission Time / Remote Unit Information

Shows the date and time when the T&D WebStorage Service sent the email and the Remote Unit information (group name / unit name).

Warning Status and Content

Varies depending on the warning condition as shown below:

Upper/Lower Limit Exceeded

Battery Level of Remote Unit

Sensor Error (Problem with the sensor such as a malfunction or poor connection)

Warning and recovery occurred within the warning monitoring time

Wireless Communication Error

Recovery from Warning Status


"Time Stamp" refers to the time when a warning condition was detected and the judgment countdown started.

Alert Log

In the [ Alert View] menu, you can switch the tab to [Alert Log] to view past alerts for your Remote Units.


From the [Download] menu, you can download recorded data as well as delete from T&D WebStorage Service.

  • You can select the recorded data to download or delete by file or by product.
  • When the amount of stored recorded data exceeds 20MB, 5MB of old data will be automatically archived into a ZIP file and saved. At the same time, space for new data will be created by deleting that 5MB from your allotted storage space. An e-mail notification will then be sent to the registered e-mail address informing you that archiving has occurred and you should, if necessary, download the ZIP file as soon as possible. This Zip file will be available for download until the next archiving occurs and a new ZIP file is created.
  • To download current readings data, go to [Data View] and open the graph. (See: [Data View]-[Graph Operations])

Data Analysis

Further data analysis is possible by using the T&D Graph software in conjunction with T&D WebStorage Service.
With T&D Graph, it is possible to directly access and open the recorded data stored in the T&D WebStorage Service.

T&D Website > Software > T&D Graph Download

  1. Open T&D Graph and go to the [File] Menu - [Web Storage Service].

  2. Enter the user ID and password registered with T&D WebStorage Service, and click [Login].

  3. All data stored in your WebStorage account will be displayed in a list. Right click on the selected recorded data and click [Download] to download for analysis.

  • After your first log in, your ID will be displayed in the User ID column. You can log in without entering password by double clicking on the selected user ID.
  • For details about operations, see T&D Graph.