RTR500BW Firmware Update Tool (Ver. 1.00.27)

Apps/Software/Firmware Aug 24, 2023

An update program for "RTR500BW Firmware Update Tool" has been released.
For customers using the product below, please download and install the following update program.

Affected Product / Firmware Version

RTR500BW / Versions 1.00.26 or lower

Update Details

  • Fixed a problem that caused communication timeout with T&D Data Server by sending current readings, log data and settings, etc. in succession.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when measuring noise with the RTR505B and opening its recorded data (.xml file) in T&D Graph, where the data type was displayed as "voltage" in Channel Properties.
  • In the auto-transmission of recorded data after changing the settings of a Remote Unit, only the new data will now be sent instead of all data (including previously sent data).
  • Fixed a problem in which device information was not being registered in T&D Data Server when making a setting change (e.g., registering a Remote Unit) to the RTR500BW at the time of first usage.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when sending Current Readings of RTR-576 to T&D WebStorage Service, where an abnormal value was displayed when the CO2 measurement had a negative value. (e.g. "-6 ppm" displayed as "4294967290 ppm")
  • When the setting data is corrupted due to power failure during writing the setting data, the data is now automatically restored from the backed-up data.

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