T&D 500B Utility Update Info (ver 1.20)

Apps/Software/Firmware Aug 24, 2023

An update program for "T&D 500B Utility" has been released.
For customers using the software below, please download and install the following update program.

Affected Product / Version

T&D 500B Utility / Versions 1.13 or lower

Update Details

  • When deleting a registered Remote Unit or Repeater from the Base Unit, the Remote Unit or Repeater is now initialized automatically.
  • Changed the supported iOS version to iOS14.0 or later.
  • Fixed a problem where RTR-500 was displayed as RTR-500C.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when changing RTR505B or RTR-505-V’s warning settings via T&D WebStorage Service, they were not displayed in the "View Pending Settings" screen.

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