TR7 for Windows Update (Ver. 4.22)

Apps/Software/Firmware Mar 01, 2023

An update program for "TR7 for Windows" has been released.
For customers using the software below, please download and install the following update program.

Affected Product / Version

TR7A for Windows / Versions 4.21 or lower

Update Details

  • Updated the Help file.
  • Changed the message that appears when multiple devices are connected to a computer for setup.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when creating a CSV report on a computer set up to use Daylight Saving Time. The timestamp of error responses (out of range and sensor error) was output with a one-hour difference, during periods before the start or after the end of daylight saving time.
  • Fixed a problem where the "Recording Interval" pull-down menu options on the Start Recording screen were not displayed correctly when the devices with Vaccine Mode functionality (TR71A/75A) and without Vaccine Mode functionality (other compatible devices) were connected simultaneously or when they were connected in a specific order and alternately.
  • Fixed a problem where Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015-2019 (x86) could not be installed if a newer version of Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015-2019 (x64) was installed.

Download TR7 for Windows

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