Notice of SNTP Time Synchronization Problem in TR7A Series

Apps/Software/Firmware Jun 27, 2022

We have found a problem where the recorded data with a timestamp in the future was uploaded to a server. Please see below for details.

Affected Devices

  • TR71A/72A/72A-S : Firmware Versions 1.15 or lower
  • TR75A : Firmware Versions 1.01 or lower

Condition for the Problem

Occurs in rare cases when time synchronization is performed using SNTP

Problem Details

  • In T&D WebStorage Service, recorded data with a timestamp in the future is displayed, after which the data is not updated.
  • When accessing T&D WebStorage data from applications such as T&D Thermo and T&D Graph, data with future timestamps are also displayed.
  • Similar symptoms may occur when using T&D Data Server with SNTP time synchronization.

Problem Solution

  • We have changed condition checking on the T&D WebStorage Service to reject data with incorrect timestamps.
  • We have prepared the firmware update programs to fix this issue. Please update the firmware of your device from here: TR71A/72A Firmware, TR75A Firmware.
    Note: All recorded data in the device will be deleted by updating the firmware. If necessary, download the data to a computer or mobile device beforehand.
  • If you encounter this issue using T&D WebStorage Service or T&D Data Server, please reset data or delete the device (and add again) on the server in order to receive data with correct timestamps.
    Note: By resetting data or deleting the device, all data stored in the server will also be deleted. If necessary, download the data to your computer using the T&D Graph software beforehand.
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