T&D 500B Utility Update Info (ver 1.13)

Apps/Software/Firmware Jun 21, 2022

An update program for "T&D 500B Utility" has been released.
For customers using the software below, please download and install the following update program.

Affected Product / Version

T&D 500B Utility / Versions 1.12 or lower

Update Details

  • Changed the default setting of the Recorded Data Transmission Schedule from Every Day 6:00 to Every Day at an hour determined by the time of first communication between the Base Unit and the App via Bluetooth.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when making the Scale Conversion for the RTR505B (with PIC-3150 module) on only one channel via T&D WebStorage Service, where the setting was not applied properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scale Conversion Equation for the RTR505B (with VIM-3010, AIM-3010, PIC-3150 modules) did not fit on the screen.

Download T&D 500B Utility

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