Current Readings Monitor

Software for the viewing of Current Readings data that has been recorded by data loggers in list and/or graph form.


Software for the viewing of Current Readings data that has been recorded by data loggers in list and/or graph form.
While the software is running, Current Readings data is automatically gathered and the display is refreshed at the set interval.

Compatible ProductsTR-700W Series, RTR-500NW/AW
* Data cannot be displayed for RTR-601.
VersionVer. 1.30 (December 7, 2020)
File Nameapp_currentmonitor-130-all-all.exe
File Size74.7 MB
Operating EnvironmentCompatible OS *1
Microsoft Windows 11 64bit English
Microsoft Windows 10 32/64bit English
The Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is required.
CopyrightT&D Corporation
ReplicationCopying to another media is expressly forbidden
*1: For installation, it is necessary to have Administrator (Computer Administrator) rights.

Installation Procedure

  1. Double-click the update package to extract it to your hard drive.
  2. Follow instructions in Set up Program.
  3. Current Readings Monitor will automatically be installed on the Hard Disk.

Revision History

Ver. 1.30 December 7, 2020

  • It is now possible to monitor and gather current readings of RTR500B series loggers when using the RTR-500NW or RTR-500AW.

Ver. 1.29 July 01, 2016

  • Fixed a problem where abnormal program termination occurred when the registration information size of the RTR-505, RTR-576, or RTR-601 exceeded 4096 bytes.

Ver. 1.28 October 21, 2015

  • Added support for Windows 10.

Ver. 1.27 June 30, 2015

  • Fixed a problem that occurred when saving data as text (CSV format) for the selected device, where a CSV file was created for a different device.

Ver. 1.26 July 18, 2014

  • Fixed a problem that occurred when adding a TR-700W Series device from the [Add TR-700W with Static IP Address] option in the [Operation] menu. When making detailed settings to get recorded data from the added TR-700W Series, a file with a new name was created every time data was collected, instead of overwriting the monthly file.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when getting current readings using an RTR-500W monitored Remote Unit RTR-576 for the first time, where abnormal program termination occurred.
  • Fixed a problem when using an RTR-500W monitored Remote Unit RTR-576, where the sensor error message was incorrect.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.

Ver. 1.25 March 05, 2014

  • Fixed a problem that occurred where after minimizing the application window and closing it, restarting the application could fail.
  • Fixed a problem where the application would freeze when accessing a corrupt data file.

Ver. 1.24 December 18, 2013

  • Fixed a problem in the Current Readings Monitor where a registered device\'s parameters were displayed as blank. (The blank device problem)
  • Other small fixes and improvements.

Ver. 1.23 November 22, 2013

  • Fixed a problem that occurred when opening the [Graph Monitor] window for the TR-700W Series, where the set upper and lower limits were not reflected in the display.
  • Fixed other problems concerning the display within the application.

Ver. 1.22 August 07, 2013

  • Fixed a problem concerning the display in the [Graph Monitor] window.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when adding \"ViewName\" groups, where abnormal program termination occurred.

Ver. 1.21 May 09, 2013

  • Corrected for the causes of problems where an exception error occurred while the application was running.

Ver. 1.20 November 26, 2012

  • Made compatible with the TR-700W Series.

Ver. 1.11 October 16, 2012

  • Made compatible with the RTR-507 and RTR-576.

Ver. 1.02 May 10, 2012

  • A problem was fixed where the application startup sometimes failed.
  • In the Graph Monitor window for RTR-505-P, the Total Pulse Count (cumulative number of pulses) is no longer shown in the Graph Area.

User Agreement


  1. Although T&D Corporation has carried out operational tests on Current Readings Monitor, hereafter referred to as "the software", we cannot guarantee that all operations will work properly under all conditions.
  2. T&D Corporation shall not accept any responsibility for any damage whether direct or indirect that results from the usage of the software.
  3. Specifications of the software may be subject to change and service may be terminated without advance notice to the user. In such a case T&D Corporation shall not be responsible for any damages whether direct or indirect from the inability to use the software.
  4. T&D Corporation has no obligation to correct any defects found in the software.


  1. All copyrights for the software, including all of the programs and all related documents, are the sole property of T&D Corporation.
  2. The software is for use free of charge. Redistribution is permitted as long as it is to others for non-profit. In this case, all terms and conditions as written in the above disclaimers automatically transfer and hold true and valid for the party to which the program was redistributed. Please note that if you wish to commercially redistribute the program please contact your local distributor or T&D representative.
  3. The reprinting or redistribution for commercial purposes whether in part or in whole, in magazines or as a part of any product is strictly forbidden without the expressed consent of T&D Corporation. Any inquiries concerning commercial redistribution should be directed to the Sales Department of T&D Corporation.
  4. Please do not attempt to make any changes or modifications to the software.
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