Maximum Number of Registration Issue on RTR-500NW/AW

Products Mar 21, 2024

We have found a problem related to the number of Remote Units that can be registered to the following Base Units.

Affected Products

  • RTR-500NW (discontinued)
  • RTR-500AW (discontinued)

Details of Problem

When registering RTR-505 and/or RTR505B units with Scale Conversion Equation settings enabled, the memory area of two units is used for registering one unit (one unit is counted as two units) and users may encounter the over-the-limit error (WSETF=20001) before reaching the maximum number of units (100 units) that can be registered as stated in the RTR-500NW/AW specifications.

- In the product specifications for RTR-500NW and RTR-500AW, there is a notation that one unit is counted as two units for registering RTR-574 and RTR-576, but the caution regarding RTR-505 was missing.
- Up to 88 units can be registered even when all Remote Units are RTR-505 and/or RTR505B with Scale Conversion Equation settings enabled.

If You Encounter this Issue

To avoid the registration memory limit being reached on the Base Unit, please try disabling the Scale Conversion Setting for some Remote Units or using two Base Units.
Note that even if the Scale Conversion Setting is disabled on Remote Units, it is possible to view the recorded data converted by the equation using the T&D Graph.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this problem.

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