Notice of Discontinuation of Data Collectors RTR-500DC and TR-57DCi

Products Sep 14, 2023

The sales of the following products will be discontinued due to the end of production of certain parts.

End-of-Sale Products

  • RTR-500DC (Data Collector for RTR500B Series)
  • TR-57DCi (Data Collector for TR-5i and TR-7Ui Series)
  • TR-6C10 (Serial Communication Cable for the above Data Collectors)

End-of-Sale Date

Production continues until October.
Sales will end when the stock runs out.

Suggested Replacement

There will be no model updates for these End-of-Sale Products.

  • For users of the RTR-500DC, we suggest RTR500BW, RTR500BM or RTR500BC.
  • For users of the TR-5i series devices, we suggest TR-50U2.
  • For users of the TR-7Ui series devices: There’s no replacement for the TR-57DCi, so data download and settings for your TR-73U, TR-74Ui(S), and TR-76Ui(S) loggers will only be possible via a USB connection with a PC.
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