T&D Thermo (iOS/Android) Update Info (ver 2.64)

Apps/Software/Firmware Mar 27, 2023

An update program for "T&D Thermo(iOS/Android)" has been released.
For customers using the software below, please download and install the following update program.

Affected Product : Version

T&D Thermo(iOS/Android) : Versions 2.63 or lower

Update Details (iOS/Android)

  • Fixed a problem where the home screen and the device info screen showed an incorrect humidity reading for the TR43A. This occurred when the device was set to Fahrenheit in the temperature unit setting and when the data was retrieved from the cloud (T&D WebStorage Service).
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when collecting and sending the TR4A Series logger’s data to T&D WebStorage Service, where the app sent only a subset of data if the amount of data to be sent was greater than 16284.

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