Notice of Data Transmission Failure and Recovery on T&D WebStorage Service

Apps/Software/Firmware Dec 26, 2022

There was a bug where T&D WebStorage Service may have failed in transmission and retrieval of data (including API) during the following periods.

Period of Malfunction

  • From Dec.22, 3:40 to Dec.22, 6:05 (UTC)
  • From Dec.23, 3:45 to Dec.23, 6:05 (UTC)
  • From Dec.24, 3:00 to Dec.24, 6:05 (UTC)
  • From Dec.25, 23:15 to Dec.26, 2:25 (UTC)

Note: Currently recovered

Affected Operations

Data transmission from TR7 series and RTR500B series devices and use of public API. (Users of the Watchdog function may have received alert mails.)
Communication with T&D WebStorage Service using T&D Thermo, ThermoREC, and ThermoStorage apps for smart devices.

Cause of Problem

Problem with communication log processing on the API server (Fixed)

We’re planning to optimize log processing and enhance the internal monitoring function.
We offer our sincerest apology for any inconvenience caused to our customers.

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