Discontinuation of Stand Alone Distribution of "Settings Copy Tool (RTR-500)"

Apps/Software/Firmware Dec 09, 2022

Due to the integration of application functions, we have decided to discontinue the distribution of "Settings Copy Tool (RTR-500)" on the Software/Apps download page of the T&D Website.
The function to copy the settings from one Base Unit to another is included in "RTR500BW for Windows" and "RTR500BM for Windows" in the launcher window as shown below, so please use those software.

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Application to be Discontinued

Settings Copy Tool (RTR-500)

Affected Products and Successor Software

  • RTR500BW, RTR-500NW/AW:
    RTR500BW for Windows (Ver.2.08 or later) > Settings Copy Tool
  • RTR-500MBS-A, RTR-500MBS:
    RTR500BM for Windows (Ver.2.13 or later) > Settings Copy Tool
  • RTR-500DC:
    RTR-500DC for Windows > Settings Utility > Tools Menu (Saving and Sending Registration Contents)

Schedule of Discontinuation

December 09, 2022

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