Discontinuation of Software Bundle and Release of New Optional "T&D Software” DVD

Products Nov 09, 2022

We have decided to discontinue the software CD that has been supplied with our products.
All software for T&D products can be downloaded free of charge from our website.
For customers who cannot download the software, please purchase the new optional "T&D Software" DVD.

Discontinuation of Software Bundle

Affected Devices: RTR-500DC, TR-50U2, TR-57DCi, TR-73U, TR-74Ui(S), TR-76Ui(S), MCR-4V, MCR-4TC
Schedule of Discontinuation: After November 22, 2022

New Optional Software (DVD)

    Name / Model Number: T&D Software / SO-TD1

    Included Software Applications:

  • RTR500BW for Windows
  • RTR500BM for Windows
  • RTR500BC for Windows
  • RTR-500DC for Windows
  • RTR-600 Settings Utility
  • TR7 for Windows
  • CO2 Recorder for Windows
  • Illuminance UV Recorder for Windows
  • MCR for Windows
  • T&D Recorder for Windows (TR-5,7xU)
  • T&D Data Server
  • T&D Graph

  • Note: All of the above can be downloaded free of charge from T&D website.

Expected Release Date: November 22, 2022


    With the release of T&D Software, the following software sets will be discontinued.

  • TR7 for Windows Software Set SO-15C1
  • RTR500B Series Software SO-B1
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