TR4 Series Operational Freeze Problem (Updated: Oct 19, 2022)

Products Oct 06, 2022

We have recently discovered a problem with the following TR4 Series devices whereby internal communication between components fails. This causes a failure in all internal operations including measurement and recording. Indications that this problem has occurred are a frozen (unchanging) LCD display and continued Bluetooth communication failure.

We plan to release a firmware update to fix this issue in mid October, and will inform you when it is available.

Affected Products

  • Products: TR41, TR42, TR45
    *TR41A, TR42A, and TR43A are NOT affected.
  • Firmware Version: 1.09 or lower
  • Bluetooth Version: 1.01 or lower

What to Do if You Encounter this Issue
If you encounter this issue, it is necessary to reset the device (by removing the battery and reinserting it after the LCD turns off) to resume operation.
Note that all recorded data will be deleted by resetting the logger.

Update on Oct 19, 2022

A new firmware has been released. To perform the firmware update on the target device, please update your app to the latest version.

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