RTR500BM for Windows (US/EU) Update Info (Ver. 2.14)

Apps/Software/Firmware Mar 04, 2022

An update program for "RTR500BM for Windows (US/EU)" has been released.
For customers using the software below, please download and install the following update program.

Affected Product / Firmware Version

RTR500BM for Windows (US/EU) / Versions 2.13 or lower

Update Details

  • Added an SMS option to the Warning Transmission selection.
  • Added a Help button to the Base Unit Log screen.
  • Changed the following names in the RTR500BM Settings Utility:
    HTTP Settings > “HTTP” to “HTTP(s)” (The function itself remains the same.)
    Current Readings / Warning Settings > Warning Transmission > “Do not Send” to “OFF”
  • Updated the Settings Copy Tool from Ver.1.06 to 1.07. (The SMS information can now be copied.)

Download RTR500BM for Windows (US)

Download RTR500BM for Windows (EU)

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