Release of TR7A Data Loggers

Products Jun 04, 2021

T&D is happy to announce the release of a new model of our Bluetooth and Wireless LAN-enabled temperature/humidity data logger. The new TR7A model has the same multi-communication methods and auto-upload to cloud function as the existing TR-7wb, plus a new array of features and functions. These new features are particularly useful for temperature control of vaccine storage.

*Compliant with VFC Guidelines from the CDC
*The TR-7wb will be discontinued and replaced by the TR7A.

New Features

  • LCD display that allows simultaneous display of 2 channels
  • An easy-to-see ALM icon in the LCD at the onset of a warning
  • MAX and MIN values displayed in the LCD make it easy to understand the highest and lowest temp (humidity) for each day.
  • Logging capacity of up to 30,000 readings per channel (TR-7wb is 8,000). That allows for recording and storing up to 3.5 years of data at a maximum recording interval of 1 hour.
  • No loss of recorded data even if battery power is completely gone. Once the battery is replaced, data can be downloaded as usual.
  • Network communication with server via HTTPS
  • WPA2-EAP authentication for wireless LAN communication (to be included in the next update)


TR7A Series
  • TR71A (Temperature 2ch, with VFC compatible “Vaccine Mode” settings)
  • TR72A (Temperature 1ch, Humidity 1ch)
  • TR72A-S (High Precision Type: Temperature 1ch, Humidity 1ch)

Expected Release Date

Late July 2021

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