NEW Version of Wireless Food Core Temperature Data Logger RTR-602 and Battery Charge Dock RTR-600BD

Products Feb 18, 2021

The new "RTR-602" is a wireless food core temperature data logger that is not only extremely convenient, but has superior waterproofness and oil resistance.
The shape of the body’s case has been changed from the RTR-601 to improve its strength against impacts such as when being dropped. In addition, the new Battery Charge Dock RTR-600BD will be released at the same time.
With just one-push of the <REC> button on the logger, it is possible to record temperature, time of measurement, user, item, and judgement result (according to set upper/lower limits).
The recorded data can then be downloaded wirelessly to a PC via a Base Unit, or automatically sent to our free-of-charge cloud storage service called "T&D WebStorage Service".
(Only the US/FCC model of the RTR-602 is currently available.)


  • Can be used in conjunction with RTR500B Series data loggers to create a total food temperature management system.
  • Can be used with any existing RTR-601 you may already be using
  • Data can be automatically uploaded via a Base Unit to our free cloud service "T&D WebStorage Service".


RTR-600 Series

Expected Release Date

February 26, 2021

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