Notice of a Problem with the (Android) ThermoStorage App for TR4 Series

Products Feb 08, 2021

We have found the following problem in ThermoStorage Ver.1.05 for Android:
When uploading recorded data, incorrect timestamps were used when operating under the following conditions.

  • Recording was started via ThermoREC
  • Recording mode is set to Endless
  • The amount of recorded data in the logger is full (16,000 readings)

As a result, a correct graph cannot be obtained on the T&D WebStorage Service.
Please use ThermoREC to upload data (if the above conditions apply) until we release the updated version of ThermoStorage (in mid-February).
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this problem.

Affected Products

Application: ThermoStorage Ver.1.05 for Android
Data Loggers: TR41, TR42, TR45

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