Announcing the release of 'T&D Tools'

Apps/Software/Firmware Dec 08, 2020

Software compatible with various models of T&D data loggers designed to make them more convenient to use.
It includes Data Downloading Tools for easy download and storage of recorded data with simple operation via USB, Optical or Bluetooth communication.
More useful features such as recording conditions and device setting functions will be added in future updates.

Compatible Devices

Devices with the following:

  • [Bluetooth® Communication]
  • [USB Communication]
    TR-71wb/72wb/75wb、TR-71nw/72nw/75nw、TR-73U/74Ui/76Ui、RTR-574/RTR-576 TR-71wf/72wf/75wf、TR-701AW/702AW/701NW/702NW、TR-71Ui/72Ui/77Ui
  • [Optical Communication]
    Data Collector:
    Data Logger:
    RTR501B/502B/503B/505B/507B、RTR-501/502/503/505-TC/505-Pt/505-V/505-mA/505-P/507、 TR-51i/52i/55i-TC/55i-Pt/55i-V/55i-mA/55i-P

Download T&D Tools

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