RTR500BC for Windows(US/EU) Rename and Update (Ver. 2.01)

Apps/Software/Firmware Dec 07, 2020

In order to add support for the new model RTR500B Series (RTR500BW, RTR500BC, RTR501B/502B/503B/505B/507B), we have updated the functionality and also renamed this application.
The update path from the previous application is as follows.
RTR500 for Windows (Ver. 1.59) → RTR500BC for Windows (Ver. 2.01)

For details about the update (US) For details about the update (EU)

Affected Product : Version

RTR-500 for Windows (US/EU) : Versions 1.59 or lower

Download RTR500BC for Windows (US)

Download RTR500BC for Windows (EU)

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