Notice of a Problem with ThermoREC on iOS/iPadOS 13

Products Oct 11, 2019

We have found the following problem in the ThermoREC App for iOS:
If you install ThermoREC on iOS 13 or iPadOS 13, Bluetooth communication will fail.
Please do not update the mobile OS until an updated version of ThermoREC has been released.
If you were already using ThermoREC before updating to iOS/iPadOS 13, please do not re-install the app.

Note: This does not affect users of smartphone or tablet devices other than iPhone and iPad.

Affected Products

Application: ThermoREC (iOS)
Data Loggers: TR41, TR42, TR45

Explanation of Problem

The application will not detect TR4 in the Add Device screen.
Even if you add a TR4 manually, you will not be able to connect that TR4 from the Home screen.

Note: The iOS/iPadOS 13 compatible version of ThermoREC will be released between late October and early November.

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