Important Notice about iOS/iPadOS 13 Compatibility

Products Sep 13, 2019

With the upcoming release of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, we would like to provide information on how it affects our products.

Note: This does not affect users of smartphone or tablet devices other than iPhone and iPad.

Affected Products

Application: T&D Thermo (iOS)
Data Loggers: TR-71wb/72wb/72wb-S/75wb, TR-71wf/72wf/72wf-S/75wf

Explanation of Problem

When using the T&D Thermo App on iOS/iPadOS 13, the WLAN Direct Communication feature might fail. (In the Step 4 process below, the application will not detect the target device.)
If you wish to use the WLAN Direct Communication feature of the T&D Thermo App with iPhone or iPad, please do not update the mobile OS until an updated version of T&D Thermo has been released.

Note: The iOS/iPadOS 13 compatible version of T&D Thermo will be released in early October.

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