Notice of a Problem with the (Android) ThermoStorage App for TR4 Series

Products Jul 23, 2019

We have found the following problem in ThermoStorage Ver1.03 for Android:

When uploading recorded data in the following conditions, the date and time of the first reading appeared the same every time.

・Recording was started via ThermoREC
・The data logger’s full logging capacity (16,000 readings) was not yet reached
・Recorded data was uploaded from the same logger via ThermoStorage

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this problem. To solve this problem, please follow the following steps and retry uploading data.

1. Update ThermoStorage to the latest version from Google Play.
2. Delete app data from your mobile device.

How to delete app data on Android

In Settings, tap Apps and select the ThermoStorage app.
Tap Storage and then Clear Data.

Note: This process may vary depending on your device.

news image

3. Reset the target logger’s data in T&D WebStorage Service.

Note: We recommend making a backup of the downloaded files using T&D Graph before resetting the target logger’s data.

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4. Open ThermoStorage and try uploading data again.

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