Graph and Report Generation

Graph View and Operations

Recorded data is collected and displayed in a graph using the communication method selected on the Device Info Screen (WebStorage or Bluetooth) or WLAN Direct Communication.

  • Data collection and graphing can be done for one device at a time.
Data Collection via Bluetooth

By rotating your mobile device to landscape mode, the graph display will expand to full screen.

[Download] Button

Tap this to download the data to your smartphone or tablet.

  • Downloaded files can be viewed on the mobile device and exported by a variety of means. For details refer to [Reading the Display] - [File List Screen].
[Settings] Button

Tap this to view or change the Graph Display Count setting.
You can select to display 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000 readings or All data in the graph.

  • Default setting is 16000 readings.
  • For the storage capacity of the logger, refer to [Recording Settings] - [Logging Capacity]
Moving Vertical Cursor

A long press on the graph in full screen mode will bring up a vertical cursor.

  • The screen will show the date, time, and readings for the cursor position.
  • Slide right and left to move the cursor.
Moving Horizontal Cursor

Slide up and down to move the cursor (in landscape mode).

Zoom in and out

Pinch in or out anywhere on the graph (in portrait/landscape mode)

Report Creation and Output

Here you can create a data report in PDF format. The report can then be printed, saved or shared via email or apps that can handle PDF files.

Tap to open the Report Settings screen.

  • Only data collected via Bluetooth or WLAN direct communication are available for report generation.

Make the necessary settings and tap [Create] to create a report.


Optional (up to 30 characters)

  • If empty the title will be [Report for Device Name].
Output Channel(s)

Select the output channel(s).

  • By default, both channels are selected.
  • The same title and settings will be displayed from the second time; please change if necessary.
  • Report creation time and the number of pages depend on the amount of data.
  • A report can also be created from the File List Screen.
  • The generated PDF file cannot be sent to T&D WebStorage Service.

Report Sample

Print, Email, Share, or Save a Report

Select the output option for the generated report from the tabs on the bottom of the screen.
If you exit the app or go back to the previous screen without saving the report, data will be lost. You will need to create a report again.


Tap here to print the report to any compatible printer nearby.

  • iOS: AirPrint enabled printers
  • Android: Wi-Fi enabled printers (The printer plug-in needs to be installed on your smartphone or tablet.)

Tap here to send the report as an attachment via email


Tap here to open the Share/Save menu for your OS. (Icons may vary depending on the OS.)

Uploading to T&D WebStorage Service

Data files downloaded via Bluetooth or direct WLAN communication can be uploaded to T&D WebStorage Service.

  1. By tapping on [Files] at the bottom of the Device Info Screen, a list will appear of the data files saved to your mobile device.

  2. Select a file and tap the icon.

    Make sure your WebStorage account is added to the app. (For how to add your cloud account, refer to [Usage by Communication Method] - [Accessing Cloud Storage] - [Set up a T&D WebStorage Service Account].

The uploaded files can be accessed from the [Download] menu of T&D WebStorage Service for graph view and download (in trz format).

  • The mark () in the file list indicates the communication method used to obtain the data.
  • The data obtained from T&D WebStorage Service cannot be uploaded.
  • The file list icon menu is described in [Reading the Display] - [File List Screen] in this help.