How to Use the T&D Graph

Downloading Data from T&D WebStorage Service

If you wish to save and analyze data on a computer, use T&D Graph that is available for download from the T&D Website.
Refer to the software page for details such as operating environment.

  • With T&D Graph, it is possible to directly access and download the recorded data stored in the T&D WebStorage Service.
  • Data files sent manually via T&D Thermo's file list can be accessed from the [Download] menu of T&D WebStorage Service.
  • For operational details of the T&D Graph, refer to the software Help.
  1. Open T&D Graph and from the [File] menu, select [Web Storage Service].

  2. Enter the User ID and Password registered with T&D WebStorage Service, and click [Login].

    After the second time, you will see your ID in the [User ID] column; double click on it to display the data.

  3. All data on T&D WebStorage Service will be displayed in a list.
    Right click on the selected data file(s) and click [Download] to download for analysis.

    Please see T&D Graph's Help for details of operations.