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T&D CORPORATION : The Dream Gains Strength

In 1986, a small group of young engineers gathered in Matsumoto, Japan with the dream of creating, developing and producing innovative and interest-sparking products. The name of their new company, T&D Corporation, was a reflection of that pioneering spirit: the T standing for TRY and the D standing for DEVELOPMENT.

One of the products that they TRIED and DEVELOPED had an incredible impact on the Japanese data logger market. In 1994, their PC compatible compact temperature and humidity data logger became the industry standard and shot T&D into the spotlight.

A lot has changed in the world since 1986, and during that time T&D has been at the forefront of creating new products and solutions to meet the modern customer's demand for "anytime anywhere access" to data. Their data logging systems based on wireless communication and LAN or 3G networking, coupled with the introduction of its free-of-charge cloud storage service "T&D WebStorage Service" are clear examples of their continued dedication to their original dream.

Moreover, at the dawn of the 21st century this dream grew international and in 2016 at the 30th anniversary of its founding, T&D currently has over 80 distributors worldwide and head offices in both North America and Europe.

No matter what the next five, ten or thirty years brings you can be sure that the dream of these engineers will not fade and that T&D will continue to TRY and DEVELOP high quality innovative products.