Technology may rapidly change but
 T&D's goal remains the same!

Over the past 25 years we have continually developed next generation loggers to make sure your important data
 lives on and stays accessible.

Leave your data’s future to us.

T&D Thermo Recorder

Designing a compact, PC compatible, long-life battery-operated data logger took years of trial and error and finally in 1994, our first temperature data logger was born. No longer did data loggers have to be “big” and “expensive”. This innovative data logger, with its revolutionary ideas built in, became a trend setter at the time.

T&D WebStorage Service

For the twenty five years since then, T&D has been at the forefront of creating new data loggers to meet the modern customer's demand for "anytime anywhere access" to data. Our data logging systems based on wireless communication, LAN and Bluetooth, coupled with the introduction of our free-of-charge cloud storage service "T&D WebStorage Service" are clear examples of our continued dedication to making trend setting data loggers.

T&D Corporation

We take great pride in the fact that data measured by T&D Data Loggers twenty five years ago is still vital and useful. As pioneers in the industry, we will continue to produce high-quality data loggers that meet the changing needs of the time and of our customers worldwide. In doing so, we promise to make sure the future of data management is simple, yet secure and trustworthy.