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Features and Specs

TR4 Series Features & Specs (PDF)

Compatible Optional Products

For details about optional products in the chart, see the catalogs below.
Optional Sensors Catalog (PDF)
Other Optional Products Catalog (PDF)
   TR41 TR42 TR45
Maintenance Sets TR-00P1      
RTR-500A2 (External Power Adaptor Kit)      
RTR-500B1(Large Capacity Battery Kit)       
Wall Attachment TR-05K3      
 *  *  
Temperature Sensor TR-5101(Short Cable)      
TR-5106(provided with TR42)      
TR-5220(stainless protection tube: 185mm)      
TR-5320(stainless protection tube: 70mm)      
TR-5420(for core temperature)      
TR-5530(for underwater)      
TR-5620(high sensitibity)      
Pt100 Temperature Sensor TR-81XX(stainless protection tube)      
Sensor Extension Cable TR-2C30(cable length: 3m)      
* TR41/42: Can be used when attaching Large Capacity Battery Kit or External Power Adaptor Kit.