About T&D Thermo

T&D Thermo is a mobile application that allows you to make device settings, download and view the recorded data in graph, and create reports for the TR7 Series and TR4A Series data loggers using your smartphone or tablet.
Depending on the type of device and the environment in which it is used, different communication methods are available for data retrieval and settings.

  • This document explains how to use T&D Thermo with the TR7 series.
  • In this Help, T&D Thermo is also referred to as "this app" or "the app".

Compatible Operating Systems and Devices

Compatible OS (iOS, Android)

For compatible OS versions, please refer to the download page of T&D Thermo .

Compatible Devices

Compatible Devices
TR7 Series Wireless LAN Type (A/wb/wf* ):
TR71A / 72A / 72A-S / 75A
Discontinued: TR-71wb / 72wb / 72wb-S / 75wb, TR-71wf / 72wf / 72wf-S / 75wf / 72wf-H
Wired LAN Type (nw)*
TR-71nw / 72nw / 72nw-S / 75nw
Discontinued: TR-72nw-H
TR4A Series TR41A / 42A / 43A, TR45
Discontinued: TR41 / 42
* No Bluetooth functionality

In this Help, these compatible devices are also referred to as simply the "device", "unit", "data logger" or "logger". In the explanations about communication, they will also be referred to as "Wireless LAN Type", "Wired LAN Type" and "Bluetooth Communication Type".