File List

File List Screen

By tapping on(Files) at the bottom of the Device Info Screen a graph and below it a list will appear of all recorded data files saved to your mobile device.

  • At the top of the list will appear the most recently saved data.
  • Tapping on any file will open a graph for that file. By rotating your mobile device, the graph will go into full screen mode and graph operations such as zooming in can be carried out. (For details see: Help - [Graph and Settings Menu] - [Graph Display].
File Info

This shows the date and time of saving, the method of collection and device info.

Send via E-mail

This allows you to attach to an e-mail for sending.

Send to T&D WebStorage Service

This will upload the file to T&D WebStorage Service.

  • To use this feature, it is necessary to have completed User Registration and entered account information for T&D WebStorage Service. (For details see: Help - [Usage by Communication Method] - [Accessing Cloud Storage (wb/nw/wf)])

Share Data

Tap here to open the Share Menu for your OS.

  • It is possible to open and view the selected recorded data with applications which can read CSV files. (View in spreadsheet software, send as e-mail attachments and so on)


Use this to remove the file from your mobile device.


Any data sent via can be checked by going to the [Data Download] page of T&D WebStorage Service. To open the page, click the [ Download] tab.