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Data Collector for RTR-500/RTR500B Series Loggers with 3G Cellular Phone Network Capability


RTR500B Series
Optical, Short Range Wireless
Data Transfer 3G Communication
Unit - PC USB



The RTR-500/RTR500B series allows you to mix and match an array of wireless radio communication loggers with various data collectors to meet your needs.

The RTR-500MBS-A is a data collector equipped with 3G mobile network capability. It collects data from nearby data loggers via wireless radio communication and then automatically sends it via 3G cell phone networking to the set FTP server or e-mail address.

It is perfect for situations where you have no PC or LAN available, such as during transportation, in greenhouses or at construction sites. As long as you can supply power, you can collect and transfer data without worry and stress.

The RTR-500MBS-A will be discontinued and replaced by the RTR500BM (successor model with 4G capability) soon.

Note: The RTR500B series is the new generation model of our RTR-500 series.

Compatibility Info for RTR500B and RTR-500 Series
RTR-500 Series Discontinued Models

Special Features


The RTR-500MBS-A can be combined with any of our RTR-500/RTR500B series data loggers. And up to 20 loggers can be registered for simultaneous use. Use our software “RTR-500MBS for Windows” to make mobile communication settings.

Because it uses mobile networking to transfer data, all you need to do is secure a power source and be in mobile range in order to send data to an FTP server or to a registered e-mail address.

Upon a warning, notification can automatically be sent via e-mail or SMS and/or by connecting a buzzer or lamp to the contact output, you can set up an on-site alarm. It can be also used with our free T&D WebStorage Service making it easy to monitor data, view graphs and check warnings from any PC or mobile device web browser.


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