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Update Report
March 08, 2012

RTR-500GSM Firmware (Ver. 1.03.02) to (Ver. 1.04.01) Update Info

In order to fix the following problems, we have released this update program for the RTR-500GSM firmware.

Affected Products and Conditions


RTR-500GSM (CE model/ FCC model)      


RTR-500GSM (CE model/ FCC model)      Ver. 1.03.02 or lower

Modification Details

From RTR-500GSM Firmware (Ver. 1.03.02) to (Ver. 1.04.01)

  • Revised to include support for the RTR-505-TC and RTR-505-Pt.
    * include L-type models.

How to Update

Please follow the update procedure available from the download page.

Download the Latest Update Program

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