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June 07, 2011

WDR-3 Script Update Info (Ver. 1.22)

In order to fix the following problems in the WDR-3, we have released this update program for the script.

Affected Products

WDR-3      Script Ver.1.21 or before

Modification Details

  • A problem was fixed whereby when turning the power off and on again for a WDR-3 with a large amount of data, communication with the WDR-3 could not be carried out due to a date calculation problem.
  • The problem of some garbled text in warning report mails has been fixed.

How to Update

Follow the instructions as noted below for updating the "WDR-3 for Windows" Software and the "WDR-3 Firmware / Script".
If one of the versions of either the software "WDR-3 for Windows" or the "WDR-3 Firmware / Script" is different from the other, the product will not function properly. When carrying out the update please confirm that the versions of all three parts (software, firmware, script) have been updated to the latest version for each.

Versions after updates should be as follows:
Software "WDR-3 for Windows" should be 1.17
Firmware should be 2.10
Script should be 1.22

Download the Latest Update Program

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