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Update Report
February 24, 2011

T&D Recorder for Windows(TR-5,7xU) Software Update Info (Ver. 1.80(E) to 1.81(E))

In order to utilize corrections made to T&D Recorder for Windows (TR-5,7xU), we have released an update program for the software. We highly recommend that you download this program and update the software as directed.

Affected Products and Conditions

Affected Devices


Affected Software

T&D Recorder for Windows(TR-5,7xU)      Ver. 1.80(E) or lower

Modification Details

  • An error was corrected that occurred when downloading data to a PC from an TR-57U in which a large amount of recorded data was stored (about 70% full).

Updating Procedure

Please follow the directions below for updating the program.

The newest update program for this application.

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