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September 30, 2010

RTR-5W Script (Firmware) Update Info (ver 1.72 to 1.73)

In order to update some functions in our Network-Dedicated Wireless Base Station RTR-5W, we have released this update program for the internal software (script/firmware).
We ask that all users of the affected product and version, as shown below, download this program and update as directed.

For Users of RTR-5W in the Following Operating Environment

RTR-5W Internal Software: Script      Ver 1.72 or earlier

Modification Details

The problem has been fixed, where the gathering time was indicated as "1970/01/01" after having collected data from Remote Units whose recording had been started from Data Collectors (such as TR-57U, RTR-57U, TR-57C, and RTR-57C) using the RTR-5W e-mail sending function.

* This problem does not occur when recording is started directly from the RTR-5W.

How to Update

Follow the instructions as noted below for updating the "RTR-5W for Windows" Software and the "RTR-5W Firmware / Script".
If one of the versions of either the software "RTR-5W for Windows" or the "RTR-5W Firmware / Script" is different from the other, the product will not function properly. When carrying out the update please confirm that the versions of all three parts (software, firmware, script) have been updated to the latest version for each.

The most recent versions are:
* RTR-5W for Windows Ver1.74
* RTR-5W Script Ver1.73
* RTR-5W Firmware Ver 2.10

Download the Latest Update Program

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