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Update Report
July 27, 2010

TR-74Ui Software Update Info (ver 1.03 to 1.04)

The Multi-Scale Graph application in our "Illuminance UV Recorder for Windows" Software has been partly modified. We ask that all users of the affected product and version, as shown below, download this update program and install as directed.

Affected Products and Conditions


Illuminance UV Recorder for Windows       
Ver 1.03 or lower

Modification Details

Illuminance UV Recorder for Windows (Ver. 1.03 to 1.04)

  • Rounding method for displaying Illuminance and UV Intensity readings has been revised from "rounding to the nearest integer" to "rounding down."

  • The problem has been fixed whereby when cumulative data contained many figures a graph could not be previewed or printed.

Updating Procedure

Important notice about changes made to the display of the Unit's Internal ID

If you had been using "Illuminance UV Recorder for Windows" Ver1.00, after the update please confirm the following.

  • The "Internal Id" numbers used in File Names for downloaded data have been changed.
    If under [File] Menu - [File Names and Folders] - [Default File Name Settings] the setting selected included the use of the Internal ID, the file name will be changed.

    EX: If the Default File Name Setting is "Internal ID + Date/Time":
    The File Name before the update appeared as 1409941517_20091202_112740.iur.
    The File Name after the update will appear as 540A000D_20091202_112740.iur.

  • The Destination Folder needs to be re-set.
    Under [File] Menu - [File Names and Folders] - [Saved Folder Settings], the settings will have been lost. Please re-make settings as desired.


The newest update program for this application.

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