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Bug Report
February 10, 2010

RTR-5W Firmware (script) Update Info (ver 1.70 to 1.71)

The following problem has been found in the RTR-5W Firmware (script).

We ask that our customers using this unit download these programs and update as directed.

Affected Products

CE! Model
Products with numbers before E9000679(except for products with
numbers E9000662 to E9000664,E9000668 to E9000674,and E9000676 to E9000678)

FCC Model
Products with numbers before U9000996(except for prodcuts with
numbers from U9000991 to U9000995)

* The Serial Number is printed on a sticker on the back of the RTR-5W.

The following points will be repaired by updating to script ver 1.71

1.The problem that occurred when sending downloaded data by e-mail and a Repeater was being used, in which, depending on the data, the script memory became full and stopped functioning; thereafter mail could not be sent has hereby been repaired.
2.The problem that occurred when converting raw data into trx data
in which the line break in the main part of the Battery Life Warning Mail was only LF(0A) has been repaired so that the line break is now CRLF(0D,0A).

How to Update

Follow the instructions as noted below for updating the "RTR-5W for Windows" Software and the "RTR-5W Firmware / Script".
If one of the versions of either the software "RTR-5W for Windows" or the "RTR-5W Firmware / Script" is different from the other, the product will not function properly.When carrying out the update please confirm that the versions of all three parts (software, firmware, script) have been updated to the latest version for each.
The most recent versions are: RTR-5W for Windows Software is Ver1.73, the Firmware is Ver 2.00 and the Script is Ver1.71.

Download the Latest Update Program

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